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Rainwater Harvesting

Water conservation is an issue facing all households. Increased water usage through kitchen appliances, power showers, garden sprinklers and hoses, power jet washers for patio and car cleaning, means that on average we each use 150 litres of clean treated mains water per day.

With inflation busting annual water price increases, the need to recycle water is an economic necessity for many households particularly for large ones on water meters.

Rainwater harvesting works by taking the rain from roofs and filtering out leaves and debris, before storing the water underground in the main storage tank. The water is then pumped into the property to be used for non-drinking applications e.g. flushing toilets, washing machines and garden watering.

You can also help the environment by reducing the demand for mains water, for example, using rainwater to keep watering during the summer or whenever there are water restrictions.